American Darling Handbags

American Darling Leather & Hide Custom Handbags

Our Beginning ...

American Darling was founded and created in January 2019 with a passion for Western fashion, flare, and design.  Our mission is to bring high quality, handmade products at an affordable price to our consumers.  

We take great pride by carefully hand crafting each piece individually by hand; from our hand tooling to our saddle blankets that are each hand loomed personally by an American Darling, in our production facility.  We are fortunate to say that we use some of the highest grades of Brazilian cowhide leather pieces available and a remarkable wool blend for our Saddle blanket collection. 

... and Now

We are proud to say that American Darling now supports over 2,000 people and families here in the USA and around the world. We believe giving back is the biggest reward we have! Thank you to everyone that has supported our dream and have helped us positively impact the lives of so many… this is just the beginning.


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American Darling Yellow Clutch Saddlebag Fringe
American Darling Texas With Fringe Tote
American Darling Hand Carved Hide Concealed Carry Tote
American Darling Brown with white hair Concealed Carry Tote
American Darling Turquoise Saddlebag Fringe Tote
American Darling Hand Carved Brown Belt Carved Strap Concealed Carry Tote
American Darling Tan Hide Pocket and Crossbody Option Concealed Carry Tote
American Darling Hide Concealed Carry Tote
American Darling Tan With White Hide Concealed Carry Tote