Jewelry & Accessories

Accessories are the perfect finishing touch to any outfit or offer that great staple for your home and can easily fill a gifting need. 

In our collection, we offer a wide variety of items ranging from handcrafted quilted items, koozies, car accessories, jewelry, key fobs and hats to name a few. 


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Starry Night Earrings
Pearl Snap Necklace
Santa Fe Bracelet
Lake View Bracelet
Arizona Sun Stud Earrings
Dalhart Dangle Earrings
Colorful Clementine Earrings
Laredo Leather Earrings
Silver City Earrings
Balls of Fire Earrings
Agave Earrings
Calico Bracelet
Gypsy Spirit Earrings
Flower Power Earrings
Fly Away Earrings
Blue Bird Earrings
Punchy Earrings
Summer Sunset Earrings
Shake It Up Earrings
Amarillo Sunrise Necklace
Napa Valley Earrings
Sunny Daze Earrings